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July 28, 2010

Six Ways to Customize Displays

Expert tricks to help you set up your chart plotter, fish finder and radar screens

Setup Problem #3
Your unit is set to Speed Through Water (STW) instead of Speed Over Ground (SOG).
Yeah, yeah, I know - a lot of fellows like to watch STW because it gives them a better read on trolling speeds. This can count for a lot, especially when you're slow-trolling and a knot or two of current makes all the difference in the world. However, here's the problem with this: The paddle wheels that provide STW are unreliable. They frequently clog, develop marine growth and rarely work accurately for more than a few weeks.

The Fix
Change your display to read SOG only, and make microscopic trolling-speed adjustments by watching the action on your baits and/or lures. Most good captains already know to set speed according to the spread, not vice versa. And there isn't a speedometer on the face of the planet that can do a better job than your eyeball when it comes to finding the perfect speed to make your ballyhoo swim like it's still alive or help a live goggle-eye keep pace without expiring.