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August 31, 2007

Nautical Knowledge

Improve your knowledge and sound like an expert!

MOLD - A form, often made of fiberglass, into which the laminate is laid, producing a fiberglass hull in the same shape as the mold.

POLYESTER RESIN - The least expensive resin used in fiberglass construction.

QUARTER - The part of a vessel's hull side between the transom and 1/3 of the way forward.

RADIUS CURVES - A design using gentle curves rather than right angles, straight lines and sharp corners.

RAM - A liquid- or gas-filled cylinder that lifts and/or holds open a hatch or window.

RUNNING SURFACE - The hull area from the chine to the keel, upon which a planing hull rides.

ROLL MOMENT - The distance a hull rolls laterally as a wave passes beneath it from one side to another.

ROLL TRANSITIONS - The speed at which a hull changes direction while rolling in a beam sea.

SALOON (also SALON) - Main social cabin or "living room" of a boat.

SCUPPER - Holes or drains designed to allow water to quickly leave a deck area.

SEACOCK - A thru-hull valve designed to shut off an intake pipe or drain between the vessel's interior and the sea.

STATEROOM - A cabin containing sleeping accommodations.

STRINGERS - The main underdeck support beams running lengthwise and athwartships that give a vessel its strength and structural integrity.

SHEER LINE (also SHEER) - The profile of a vessel running fore-and-aft under the gunwale.

SOLE - The deck upon which you walk: cabin sole, cockpit sole, etc.

STARBOARD - The right side of a vessel, looking forward.

STERN - The back end of a vessel.

T-TOP - A sun shade structure on a center console boat that also supports a rocket launcher, lights, outriggers, antennas and an overhead electronics box.

TACKLE CENTER - Usually a module that houses tackle storage and a bait-prep center.

THRU-HULL - A non-corrosive fitting mounted in the hull to connect an intake hose or drain to the sea.

TOERAIL - A separate rail at foot level in the cockpit under which you lock your toes when fighting or landing a fish. Also a rail around the bow deck to keep your foot from accidentally sliding off the deck.

TOPSIDE - The area of a hull between the waterline and the gunwale, also called freeboard. Also, any area of a vessel above belowdecks.

TRANSOM - The section of hull that forms the stern and closes off the hull sides.

TRIAXIAL FIBERGLASS - Construction material consisting of fiberglass strands woven in three directions.

TRIM - The attitude or inclination of a hull or engine drive.

TRIM TAB - A horizontal metal sheet or vertical tab at the chine on the transom that can change the running attitude of a boat both fore-and-aft and laterally to counteract weight distribution and wind/sea conditions.

TUMBLEHOME - The outward bulge of a hull between the waterline and the gunwale.

V-BERTH - Usually the forward berth of the boat, located in the bow. Sometimes has a triangular insert to make it a larger double rather than conjoined twins.

VACUUM-BAG - A construction process that employs a bag and suction to squeeze all air out of a laminate, preventing air bubbles, voids and unequal areas of resin buildup.

VARIABLE DEADRISE - A deadrise angle that changes constantly from bow to stern rather than only part of the way down the hull.

VINYLESTER RESIN - A resin more expensive than polyester that helps prevent osmotic blistering.

WIDE-OPEN THROTTLE (WOT) - The absolute maximum speed a boat's power can produce.

WINDLASS - Machinery used to effortlessly raise and lower an anchor.