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Boating Safety
One boater's story of a false alarm that turned out to be the real thing.
Boating Safety
What you should know before boating in cold weather.
Boating Safety
In this age of electronic wizardry, the simple compass gets short shrift-which is a shame, given its usefulness in so many...
Boating Safety
A tide-beating tie-up.
Boating Safety
Boaters should prepare to survive, even for just a few hours.
Boating Safety
Have a plan in place and minimize the impact of approaching hurricanes.
Boating Safety
Although it’s never easy to make the call to remain at the dock, there will be times when a run offshore is just not smart.
Boating Safety
"Fire!," like the cry "Crew overboard!," is a warning no sailor ever wants to hear.
Boating Safety
It's critical to learn from the mistakes of other boaters.
If you boat, you may be required to tell the Coasties where you are every second.
Boating Safety
Everything a boater should know about preparing a ditch bag.
Anchoring a Boat
Using a second boat anchor can help limit swing in variable conditions.