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Posted on Sep 21, 2010 in Top Shots
SF's Question of the Day: Getting to be a Habit

Earlier this summer, the editors decided we could have some fun with the friends and fans (more than 9,000 and increasing daily) on Sport Fishing's Facebook page ( by asking a question of the day. Good move: It's really taken off with mucho traffic. While we occasionally lapse into serious questions, most tend more toward the goofy. Some memorable responses have been generated and, in the lighten-up department in this newsletter, I couldn't resist sharing a few.

QOTD: Do you have any fishing-related tattoos? (Sept. 14)

"Does the scar on my finger from where the catfish barb went through count?? I mean it is a lifetime commitment." (Dan Toth)
"...working on a tuna on my ribs ripping through my chest." (Chris Gables)
"Nope! Just an eye patch and a peg leg!" (Rich Gorsuch)

QOTD: Do fish feel pain? (Sept. 8)

"Science says that they do feel pain, but when a fish is hooked (properly) in the mouth, it is more likely that they feel an irritation and then fight the resistance that comes from the line pulling against their escape route or normal path ..." (Jason Gonzales)

"Not nearly as much pain as I feel if I break one off..." (Peter Gudaitis)

QOTD: What kind of fish do you like to eat raw? (Sept. 9)

"I live in Japan, we eat anything raw!" (Erik Vereen)
"I will eat just about any one of them raw but tried amberjack, and it was surprisingly good!"
"We have mastered fire...Cook it!" (Darian Brown)

QOTD: If you could, which cartoon character would you fish with? (Sept. 3)

"Storm...a very sexy woman, and we would always have incredible weather!" (Tracy Williams)
"Spongebob!...he knows all the fish." (Kevin Kram)
"The same one I fish with every day!" (Ron McClelland)
"...Wiley Coyote. He could bring his ACME Rocket-Powered Fish Slayer 9000 and we'd blow 'em outta the water." (Jason Gonzales)

QOTD: If you could fish with one actor or actress, who would you invite?

Some of the responses (with a few editorial comments): Carrie Underwood, John Wayne, Richard Dreyfuss, Barack Obama [which movies did he star in again?], Lee Marvin [now there's one guy whose hook you wouldn't have to bait!], Angelina Jolie [just don't piss her off or you'll end up like Manfred Powell], Robert Shaw, Humphrey Bogart, Sandra Bullock, Tred Barta [who starred in the same flick as Mr. Obama, perhaps].

Of course these are but a few samples from SF's question of the day. Every Monday through Friday, we'll be posting a new QOTD, somehow related to fishing (sometimes the relationship is obvious; sometimes it's a bit stretched!). Take a look - the responses are pretty entertaining and at times revealing. Better yet, add your own. But there is some risk: the QOTD can be habit forming.