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Posted on Nov 15, 2012 in fishing knots, knots
VIDEO: How to Tie an Australian Braid
by Mike Mazur

Whether Called an Australian Braid or ADD Knot, It Makes a Great Double-Line Connection 

As I was milling about in the Texas sport-fisher Booby Trap last summer during a three-day billfish trip in the Gulf of Mexico, a beautiful knot in the crews’ wind-on leader systems caught my attention. I asked Capt. Jeff Wilson about it.

“That’s my ADD Knot,” he chuckled. It actually wasn’t a knot, Wilson later explained, but a double-line twist, more commonly known as an Australian braid or an Australian plait. “But you’ve got to have ADD to actually want to tie one of these things,” he laughed.

Back on land after the trip, Wilson showed me how to tie this connection. No doubt, it’s a very cool way to create a double line, offering excellent break strength, a good degree of stretch and a very low profile. And while it can be tricky to tie, the knot actually doesn't require attention deficit disorder! As Wilson began tying, I snapped some pics and shot a little video. Here’s how he ties it:

1. Because this double-line connection is somewhat complex, Wilson prefers tying it in a controlled, off-the-water environment, such as the crew’s workshop, pictured here. He’ll often tie Bimini twists while at sea since they’re quick and easy, but this is the knot he uses when time allows. First step is to allocate your desired length of double line by forming a loop.









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