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Posted on Oct 27, 2008 in
Grilled Pacific Spiny Lobster and Beef Tenderloin

This year has been tough for me in relation to having free time to go fishing. With a 13and 10 year old, I am currently in the "holding pattern" with the 25 Whaler spending much idle time at the dock, keeping the gel coat & teak in good shape. In 2009, I have plans to get down as far as Sacramento Reef, some 220 miles South of San Diego, for some fishing that - I have been told - will send me back 100 years because of its isolation from any nearby port. More on that later....

This is the time of year for the Pacific spiny lobster season here in San Diego. I went out with a good, old school, Portuguese friend of mine, Ed Madruga, who works with me at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel. We went "hooping" for three short hours in San Diego Bay - we had a busy day at the hotel the following day and did not have the option to stay out until 2 a.m. waiting for the lobsters to crawl. We were fortunate enough to land a humble two legal lobsters before heading back in at 10 p.m., with one of them being a nice 2.5-pounder, and that was good enough for me. It was another great night in San Diego Bay, with flat calm conditions and an incoming tide.

When I arrived home at 11 p.m. I knew I had a solid three days of work ahead of me before I could cook these guys. So, once I arrived home, I wrapped them in damp towels; tails curled in and then gently placed them into the freezer sending them off to a subtle slumber until their next date with a 400-degree grill a few days later.

Grilled Pacific Spiny Lobster
Prime Aged Beef Tenderloin
Creamed Peas & Cabo 100 Tomatoes
Lemon-Cilantro Butter
4 Servings

4 Ea. Prime Beef Tenderloin, 6 Oz.
4 TBSP. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 TBSP. Your Favorite Steak Seasoning Mix (I used Weber)

Drizzle olive oil on the filets, then sprinkle the seasoning evenly on both sides. I also use some additional fresh ground black pepper to top off mine. Hold lobster tails aside until ready to grill.

2 Ea. Pacific(or any kind), Lobster Tails
2 TBSP. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 TBSP. Lemon-Pepper Seasoning Mix (your preference, I used McCormick's)
10 oz. Melted Sweet Butter (use salted if you prefer)
1 Bunch, Chopped Cilantro - rinse and dry first
4 Cloves, Chopped Fresh Garlic

Defrost lobsters and pull the tails separate from the body. On a firm cutting board, position tails straight, and, using a solid 10" French knife, with the tail pointing away from you, puncture the tail with a controlled straight push of the knife down and then power the knife, with controlled force again, through the top of the Lobster tail from the tail to the thick mid section. Do not completely cut through the bottom. (See photo) Drizzle the olive oil, and 2 oz. of the melted butter on the lobster tail, then season with the lemon-pepper seasoning and cilantro. Now you're ready for grilling.

Show Time

Fire up your grill to medium-high, scrape the grates clean and spray down with Pam grilling spray. Place the steaks on one half of the grill, and the lobster on the other. Keep the steak side of the grill hotter than the lobster side. Cook the steaks for 10 minutes total time, until they reach 110 internal temp. I prefer to go slower with the lobster - regularly turning them so they do not burn, and also giving the opportunity to drizzle the tails with extra butter or olive oil. Make sure they are cooked fully but not overcooked. I simply look for when the tail muscle sections begin to easily pull apart from each other.

Serve the steak and lobster on a plate with the creamed peas, (heavy cream, chopped shallots, frozen peas & baby tomatoes) and a side of the melted butter with the chopped cilantro & garlic.