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September 20, 2007

Big Reds, Big Snook, Big Bites

Redfish and Snook are putting on the feed bag!

Early morning tides that are incoming or out going are producing big, slamming hits on fly. The weather is changing and the fish know it. The daylight hours are becoming shorter as well. The Gulf of Mexico water temp. is beginning to drop especially on the flats with cool nights. The fish feel the change and are really putting on the feed bag. The big reds are coming in and schooling up in the deeper flats and working their way onto the shallow flats with the incoming tide with mullet on their mind. Now is the time along the Nature Coast that the huge schools of mullet form and thats like ringing the dinner bell for reds and snooks. Many snook have hung out in the mangrove flats all summer and now they are being joined by their deeper water friends up on the flats. Together the reds and snook are starting to work the baits very hard. If you can position yourself so they come to you and present a fly in waiting as the mullet come you have a good chance of a big slamming hook up. There's nothing like it. Many snook and reds are still playing in the mangroves and grass just waiting for your guide to put you onto them as well. Mullet patterns are working very well and the standby shrimp and crab patterns are still pulling in the big boys. This is the time of year that I gear up to 9wt rods and lines. Drifting an intermediate line with your pattern of choice across a mangrove flat entices powerful strikes from Ol'Linesider and the heavier gear pays off. At this time of year the fish get attitude. Nothing is getting between them and dinner when the bell rings. Want to give it a try? Visit my webstie and we'll do it. Until next time, Thanks Capt. Pat