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October 11, 2010

Port Canaveral Offshore 10-10-10

Port Canaveral Offshore10-10-10

Comment by Henry 19 minutes ago Delete Comment Fishing Report 10-10-10

AJ and Mahi were the targeted spesis of the day. We found both but only added one of those to the icebox. The day started at the City's bardges with fish marking the bottom. We sent down live pinfish first, and had a few stolen, without the courtesy of taking the hook along with it. We
then lost a few rigs to toothy critters. My guest had also been out here the day before on a private boat, without sucess. We sent down a verticle jig and promtly had it taken and cut off on its first use out of the package! With several other boats moving in, we decided to head to
the Copper wreck. One boat was already there, and others were on the horizon heading this way, but we went to work again. Similar to the previous site a few stolen baits, and a few lost rigs to the toothy ones, before finally bringing one of these rig stealers to the boat, Barracuda. As we
drifted off the structure, we dropped the bait to the bottom, and had a few real strong hookups, likely large groupers. One of these hookups led to a tug-o-war as we drifted away from the wreck and it also, until finally the 7/0 hook snapped! Running out of live bait, and not wanting to sacrifice anymore expensive verticle jigs with Cida around, we decided to call off the AJ hunt. We did see a few AJ's brought up to the boats with the several other boats around us, but not nearly as much as you would think, given all the effort spent on it. It looked like there
were more hookups lost than gained.

Off to trolling. The only weed line seen out to 300' was a weak one, running east-west from 100' to 150', east of the port. We turned into it, and put a few lines out. It did not take long to get the attention of the fish along this structure. A small, "schoolie", Mahi was hooked, and tended on the line as we waited to see if any more wanted to join the party. We slowed and used a pitch rod to see if any more were around, and we did see a few following, but no
takers. Into the icebox it went. We continued along the line and again, a single hookup, this time a little bigger, and like the first, only a single hookup. Continuing on, we repeated the trend with another. We could see others flash by, and even follow pitch lines to the boat, but they just would not bite. We did have several hits on our Ballyhoo, without hookups (we were only running 3 lines, and not on clips, so no "knock-downs"), which killed them. We had one
fish run across all 3 baits on one pass, with fin out of the water for us to see, and killed all 3 ballyhoo without taking a hook! We tried artifical and they turned there nose's up at all but naked ballyhoo. Out of rigged ballyhoo, and the Mahi's refusal to take artifical's, we decided to head closer to shore to try picking up a few Kings.

Still at 120', we began to encounter baitpods being crashed, so we chose to investigate. As soon as we would see the activity, it would stop, and start again in another location. We had a hard time getting close, and found it easier to place ourselves in the middle of the general
activity and wait for them to get close to us. It appeared that these were False Albicores, with some small Blackfin mixed in. They did not want anything we offered. They were feeding on Glass Minnow sized bait, and our larger sardines were of no interest to them.

We were about to give up, when a large shark appeared under the boat. This was an 8' plus Bull Shark, and he had company! This company was very much welcomed, COBIA! not just one or two, but at least a dozen. My 2 guest quickly had sardines in the water, and 2 fish were on the lines. I wanted to see if we could get them in "Green" to get a few more on the line, but these were both on spin tackle, one being a light setup. While they were fighting their
fish I dropped a few more lines rigged with sardines, but the Shark and its company moved off. Unable to give chase due to my guest still fighting their fish, we lost sight of this school, and once both Cobes were on ice, we were unable to track them dowm. We spent a little more time working around the bait pods that the Shark was likely following, but nothng seen. Had it not been getting late, we would have spent more time, and did some chumming to try
to get these guys back to the boat. It was a good way to end the day however!

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc