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August 03, 2010

Port Canaveral Offshore 07-27-10

Port Canaveral Offshore 07-27-10

Fishing Report 07-27-10 (Tuesday)

A week of rough sea gave way to very calm conditions offshore. Back to back Charters on Tuesday and Wednesday would certainly benefit from the nice weather. We have been
finding good numbers of AJ's and Almaco's in much closer than normal at one particular site, and made this the game plan to start each day. The plan did not dissapoint.On this
trip we had limited both AJ's and Almaco's by 8:30am, including a couple of long battles. One fish, likely the largest hooked for the day managed to shake free after a nearly half hour tug of war, and several trips up near the boat and back down to the bottom. The big fish boated was a 40 pounder, though 20 pounds seemed to be the average for most of what we caught. We caught a few more catch and release fish for good measure and moved on for other adventures. We played with the ever present Cuda for a while at the weather bouy, and then made our way back in to 8A. A few North-South pass's were made looking for a few kings to add to the icebox, but only a Little Tuny was caught, well the front half, less a big bite out of its belly. This bite was not a shark, but from a long
pointy mouth, like cuda or Hoo's. This fish was sliced open cleaner than I could have done with a knife! Some SeaBass and bottom fare was added to the cooler and then we
made our way to port to clean fish. We did take live bait with us this trip, but verticle jigging hooked the most fish.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures Fishing