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February 28, 2011

Port Canaveral Offshore 02-23-11

8A reef half day charter many Red Snapper and Black Sea Bass

Light winds, calm sea's and a 40mph ride out to 8A reef to take 2 guys down on vacation from Canada for some reef fishing. They were not wanting to take any fish back with them, just catch a lot. It was a half day trip, and a little over a hundred fish were caught. Most 'Red' or 'Black'. No Cobia were seen this trip despite a few
Manta's nearby.

The nice weather on the ride out quickly turned into a choppy and hazy day offshore, with a washing machine like agitation. No sun was seen till we were on our way in. We did catch many of the abundant closed spesis, while targeting keepable fish. Most Sea Bass caught were in the keeper size.

Sea Bass like Red Snapper are both abundant and aggresive. They are more than willing to "Bite off More Than They Can Chew". A 3" Bass was caught on a 6" jig!

Some are caught "Sharing a Hook" with a friend! Only 2 hooks, but 3 fish!

Many smaller Red Snappers were caught this trip, but a few lunkers were around. A 20 and 25 pounder were caught and released.

We managed to accomplish what they wanted, catch a lot of fish. We did have one big hit that did not make it to the boat. A squid was laced on a hook on our large setup, and held about 20' off the bottom. I dropped it down to the bottom before bringing it up to check the bait. A 12" Sea Bass quickly inhaled the whole squid, and hook itself. On the ride up it was grabbed, rod bent over (130lb class
rod), and drag peeled on the 6/0, till it let go. The Sea Bass came up obviously crushed, but without teeth marks. Big Grouper? Big Cobia? Oh Well, a 30 sec adreneline rush is always a good way to wake up the crew!

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl.
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Port Canaveral
"wile e Coyote"