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February 19, 2011

Port Canaveral Offshore 02-14-11

Red Snapper and Black Sea Bass Over-populations Growing

HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Fish CAUGHT ............ BUT, all
except a handfull of them were either RED or BLACK!!!!!!
This trip was taking a couple guys from the cold country out to do some fishing on the reef. 8A was our spot for the day. We started at my favorite break in the ridge line, which usually keeps fish moving through from the low
side. This trip however the bottom current was a little different, and the setup did not work as good as normal. All we were getting was Black Sea Bass, lots of them, and nice sized. Using "Chicken"rigs with 2-hooks, we usually
pulled 2 up at a time. However, they took everything including verticle jigs.

The big problem is that Sea Bass are quickly becomming so abundant that catching anything else is very difficult. Our target specis on the reef this trip was trigger, since they are not only great tasting, but one of the few fish we are allowed to keep, but before the bait reach's the bottom, a Sea Bass is on! I cannot imaging the Black Sea Bass population without harvest being allowed. they already dominate the ocean floor.

We finally pulled anchor to drift different parts of the ridge, and about everywhere we went, same thing......Sea Bass. You would think Grunts would be the nuscience fish, but every once in a while we would catch one, and it was actually a nice change from the constant Sea Bass.

We finally hit a spot where Trigger was found, but Sea Bass rapidly took over, then the Red Snapper started comming up. These were not as big as we were finding here a couple days ago, but keeper sized fish were caught. I kept working a line on a light tackle spin setup to give the guys some
fight, and a nice sized ARS finally beat the Sea Bass to it for some drag peeling.

As we were ready to head in, with sea's nearly flat, and winds calm, 2 Cobia were seen cruising, so we drifted towards them. A bait was offered, and they
took a look, but headed to the bottom, not to be seen again. Water temp at 8A was 65deg when we first arrived, and hit 67 by the time we left. Still a little
cool. We did see a few Manta's putting on an aerial display, and a Sailfish do likewise. There was a lot of small bait in the area ('fry' sized), so it was
bound to gain a few followers.

With Sea Bass and Red Snapper closed, Vermillion Snapper and Shallow water Groupers closed for seasonal closures, Deep Water Groupers closed beyond 240', what is left for us to take home for dinner? In a month or so the waters will warm, and Pelagics will show, but the fishery managers are already scheming to make drastic changes to that, despite NO DATA to support any overfishing at current limits! At least our boat has the speed to move around from site to site to try to find something we can keep.

So, We will Catch all We Can, and Keep What We are Allowed, and hope that someone in the Government Grows a Brain! For now though NOAA seems fixed on diverting Mollions of Fishery Science and Research dollars to fund their Catch Shares policy which has nothing to do with healthy fish stocks!

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Port Canaveral
"wile e Coyote"
Port Canaveral - Cocoa Beach - Orlando

Captain Henry


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