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February 13, 2007

Kenya Offshore

The quite fantastic run of Marlin and sail continues


Lovely weather this week with calm seas and a moderate easterly wind. Most days start by being overcast in the morning but clearing rapidly to be hot and sunny. Sunday we had more wind than previously and overcast. Rain clouds inland but no rain here yet. Full moon was on Friday so we are in the period of spring tides and the current is running north but slow, about one knot. Water clear every where.


The quite fantastic run of Marlin and sail continues. Over the years we have had periods of amazing fishing and these last few weeks has to be right up there amongst the best we have experienced. The only difference that I can see is that the fish are smaller than in the past. Or put another way, there are more smaller fish than big fish. Perhaps the bigger fish get here later. We shall see, but no-body is complaining, just an observation.

The Black Marlin seem to be everywhere. There is a concentration of them on center Mila the Rips - together with the Stripy and Blue Marlin. Black Marlin are also present in the Mambrui/Ngomeni area as Snark and Malachite have proved this last week.

It is difficult for me to get accurate figures of how many billfish have been caught by all boats, so I only have figures for Kingfisher boats. This is what happened for the week.

Monday. Neptune had a Striped marlin and 4 sail fishing on the Rips. Tina got a Blue Marlin, and SnowGoose a Striped Marlin also on the Rips. Snark fishing off Malindi,1 sail and a few Snappers.

Tuesday, Neptune 1 Black Marlin, 1 Striped Marlin and 1 sail, a grand slam. Eclare had a Black Marlin, one Blue Marlin, a Striped Marlin and a sail, a super grand slam. Tina and SnowGoose also on the Rips did not score, and Snark off Mamburi had no billfish, only wahoo, kingfish and yellowfin.

Wednesday. Neptune, 1 Black Marlin and 3 sail. Eclare one Striped Marlin and 4 sail, SnowGoose 2 sail, all 3 boats fishing the Rips. No other boats out today.

Thursday a much quieter day on the Rips. Neither Neptune or Eclare were out today. Tina and SnowGoose on the Rips did not score, just a few wahoo and dorado. Fishing off Mambrui Malachite released a Black Marlin of 150 kgs which the angler caught on 30 lb line after struggling with the fish for three and half hours. Snark also saw Marlin and sail but no hook up, ending up with a few kingfish and wahoo.

Friday Neptune got a Striped Marlin and 4 sail, Eclare a Blue Marlin, a Striped Marlin and a sail. SnowGoose no billfish, and Tina had a double strike of Blue Marlin but they both came off at some stage. In the Mambrui area, Snark got a Black Marlin and a sail.

Saturday Neptune had 5 sail and 5 yellowfin each one weighed 20 or 21 kgs. Extraordinary how fish in one shoal are all the same size. Eclare had a Black Marlin estimated at 100 kgs and a sail. SnowGoose had a Black Marlin estimated at 120 kgs, and in the Mambrui area Snark had to boat a small Black Marlin unfortunately, and also got 6 sail.

Sunday. The amazing fishing continues today when at least 20 Marlin, Blues, Blacks and Stripeys, were caught. Alleycat got a big Blue Marlin estimated at 250 + kgs. Many boats had 3 Marlin plus sailfish.

Neptune had 3 Striped Marlin and 3 sail fishing on the Rips. The other boats, Tina, SnowGoose and Snark decided to fish the Mambrui area where only SnowGoose got a Black Marlin. So Kingfisher boats had 21 Marlin this week, and counting all boats there must be at least 60 Marlin this week. Quite extraordinary.

Grand slams and super grand slams quiet common these days.Bob Cronchey and I were invited out on Clueless on Friday. A lovely American style 42 ft Rivera built in Australia. While cruising out to the Rips from Watamu, cutting through the sea at 18 knots, it crossed my mind as to how fortunate and privileged we are just to be on this beautiful blue sea, with the prospect of some good fishing. Whether on a sailing dhow or on a sportfishing boat or a dinghy it is all just the same, and brings to mind the saying that ' A bad days fishing is better than a good day at the office'. Rob Duff decided to fish circle hooks on all live baits except the down rigger which was rigged with J hooks. Unfortunately we never raised a Marlin, although other boats were hooking up all around us. We saw Tina hookup 2 Blue Marlin which jumped around the ocean for a while and then went their separate ways.

The fish we did catch on live baits with circle hooks - one sail and 2 nice dorado - were all hooked in the corner of the jaw, making it fairly easy to remove the hook. Maybe circle hooks are the answer, after all, other parts of the world use them all the time.

Many thanks Rob for a lovely day at sea on a good clean boat.