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December 05, 2007

Xmas Season ? Marlin Season more like

Good fishing has become better since the full moon

This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending
November 26 th 2007 and is prepared by
[b][url=] The Great Sailfishing Company[/url][/b]
operating out of the new Pez Vela

Sometimes the requests for Santa are fairly straightforward -
a new reel, a traveling rod case, a splendid GreatSailfishing
tshirt - sometimes however, they can be a bit of a challenge.

We had an inquiry from the North Pole that had been relayed
on from Russia - Sergey Ilinykh really, REALLY wanted to
hook up to a Blue Marlin that would challenge his technique
as well as his equipment.
He had been monitoring our fishing reports from Guatemala,
and had browsed the claims on our site that has been promoting
the remarkable Marlin bite over the last couple of seasons at - and he figured this was the
place to make his bet.

Although he didn't have to visit the North Pole before arriving
in Guatemala - he did have to fly through Amsterdam's Schiphol
airport, which can be a challenge to his technique all by itself.
Sure enough, some weather and flight delays caused him to miss his
connection, and inevitably he would arrive a day later than planned.
Now the decision - sacrifice a days fishing, or curtail the Tikal trip
by a day ? Approximately 3 seconds later, he relayed the message
to us in Guatemala - pickup at the airport, head straight for the coast.

The fishing has been great the last couple of weeks, as reported
in our prior reports; lines in at 10 miles, a strong and steady Sailfish
bite. Raises in the 20+ have been consistent day after day. One of
our groups last week raised over 50 Sailfish in a day - out came the
fly gear, and Mr. Schafferius successfully also added his first billfish on
the fly to his (considerable) list of achievements.

With this knowledge, Sergey boarded the Joint Venture with an air of

It didn't take long until the first Sailfish were in the boat - but it was
clearly Marlin that he was after. Midday ??.. sailfish bashing the
left teaser???.when the Cap'n calls out "Marlin on left rigger" - and
sure enough there was the long shadow looming under the bait. Francisco
(aka Guapo) handles the reel as his 25 years of experience have taught,
and carefully guides the bait towards the transom. The marlin follows, the
shadow becomes less grey, lights up and chases, he yanks at the last
minute?.. Hermano pitches the belly-bait on the Penn 50W - and they
are hooked up to a magnificent, and very large Blue Marlin.

The weight estimates continued to increase as the fight bore on - first
it was the "regular" 350lbs???.then it became 500lbs??..the fight wore
on. The original hookup was at 19 miles, but she was eventually brought
to the boat at 27 miles 4 hours later. The cap'n estimated the weight at
over 700lbs - too large to be brought in for pictures, so the effort moved
instantly to revive and release. It took some time, but eventually she
shook her massive bill and slipped off into the deep blue water.

Santa always does his best.

More days, more fishing and more Blue Marlin have followed. To be
updated in next weeks report.

A strong [b][url=] Marlin[/url][/b]
bite, good numbers of Sailfish raise and caught - and even
food for the table???.things are definitely looking up in the
rich fishing grounds off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.

The boats are ready, the crews are primed - come down and enjoy
the buildup to what we hope is going to be a great season
fishing with [b][url=] The Great Sailfishing Company[/url][/b]

We still have availability for some of the popular dates, so don't
wait, give us a call at 1-877-763-0851 or send us an email (below)
to check on dates - we would look forward to welcoming you to
some of the finest fishing anywhere.

Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week:

" Be patient and calm - for no one can catch
fish in anger"

~ Herbert Hoover

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